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Forklift pneumatic and super-elastic tires.

We offer a wide range of forklift tires of such brands as:
Solideal, Trelleborg, Continental, Barum, Traxter, Wicke

Offer includes:

- forklift pneumatic tires (black and non-marking)
- forklift super-elastic tires (black and non-marking)
- forklift super-elastic bands
- wheels and wheelsets for warehouse forklifts


- multi-part rims
- rims with rings for wheels in standard version
- quick assembly rims
- snow chains
- drive wheels - vulkollan, polyurethane
- support wheels
- track rollers

We have a very well stacked warehouse of tires and in most cases we can execute your order in 24h.
Tires are delivered by courier companies all over Poland.
We also have a mobile super-elastic (full) tire press, making it possible to mount tires at the Client's.