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BWM SERWIS S.C. offers fast and professional servicing works for forklifts of all models.

Our service technicians have long-time experience in operating LINDE, JUNGHEINRICH, STILL, TOYOTA, BT, HYSTER, NISSAN, KOMATSU and other forklifts, all qualifications required by the Office of Technical Inspection and necessary to repair and operate gas appliances.
Thanks to using excellently accessorized service cars the majority of repairs can be made at the Client's, without the necessity to transport a forklift to a garage. If it is not possible, we provide transport to our company garage.

- complex repair of forklifts,
- complex repair of combustion engines,
- complex repair of electric engines,
- transmission sealing,
- engine sealing,
- checks and repairs of braking systems,
- checks and repairs of steering system,
- checking combustion engine compression,
- masts repair,
- gas installations repair,
- exhaust gas analysis made with professional analyzer,
- mounting of specialist equipment,
- lacquering,
- control system troubleshooting,
- service and regeneration of automotive batteries.