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We provide spare parts for warehouse and material handling equipment in Poland. Direct import and original products guarantee optimal technical parameters and competitive prices for forklifts of all types: Linde, Jungheinrich, Still, Hyster, Toyota, Daewoo, Nissan, Komatsu, Yale, Steinbook, BT, Atlet, Kalmar, Rak, Bułgar etc.

In order to maintain the high standard of our services we work only with reliable and major suppliers of parts in Europe, and the experience we gain everyday makes it possible to answer our clients' needs faster and better.

We guarantee the shortest possible time of answering your inquiries and also short terms of executing orders, so that the continuity of material handling in your company may be ensured.

We deliver our products country-wide by means of courier companies or with our own transportation to the address provided by the client. We propose convenient methods of payment for the parts ordered.

Parts of gearboxes in forklifts

- steel friction discs
- sealing rings
- control valves
- solenoid valves
- gear wheels
- synchronizers
- shafts
- bearings


Hydraulic parts

- hydraulic pumps
- manifolds
- control valves
- sealants
- servomotors
- piston rods
- hydraulic hoses


Electrical and electronic parts for forklifts

- control plates
- modules - electric travel motors, lifting motors, power steering motors
- controllers
- potentiometers
- accelerator pedals
- ignition switches
- sensors
- contactors, contactors pins, transmitters
- motor brushes
- fans
- actuators
- alternators


Parts of braking system in forklifts

- hydraulic pumps
- cylinders
- brake shoes
- levers
- controllers
- sealants
- brake discs

Spare parts for forklift masts

- mast rollers
- slides
- cables
- chains
- servomotors


Forklift gas installations

We offer spare parts for such forklift gas installations as Impco, Lovato, Aisan.
In our offer there are boilers, filters, repair kits, membranes, gas/petrol switches, valves.


Warning lights

- NEW! Blue LED Lamp


Wheels and rollers

We offer wheels and wheelsets for forklifts of most brands. We also have vulkollan, rubber, polyurethane and nylon:

- drive wheels
- support wheels
- rollers


Super-elastic and pneumatic tires
Forks extensions
Wireless cameras
Work lamps
Electric pallet trucks
Hand pallet trucks
Hand pallet trucks with weighing scale


Forklift accessories

- sideshifters
- positioners
- grippers
- forklift turntables
- snowplows


Forklift traction batteries

We offer new forklift traction batteries. Acid and gel batteries.

For details or in case of any questions contact our sales department:
71/ 349 50 42 lub adresem e-mail: biuro@bwm-serwis.pl ...We will gladly answer all your questions.