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Blue LED Lamp
According to the data from the American market, there are more than 9,000 accidents involving forklifts every year. Blue Spot LED lamp works as a protective equipment, in the same way as rotating beacon and reverse alarm. In places of high noise levels acoustic signals may not fulfil their role, because they additionally increase the noise level and operators' discomfort. Similarly, beacons, especially strobe, strain your eyes and are not welcome in halls (a curiosity noticed in one storehouse was a plastic bag over a beacon, so that it wouldn't blind). Of all the protection devices mentioned above, Blue Spot LED seems to be the most user-friendly in storage facilities. A 12 W lamp with a blue spot-light pointed towards about 4 - 6 m in front of the forklift and/or behind it, casts a 30 cm wide blue light, which signals an approaching forklift because while moving with it. It helps to drive a forklift between racks or stored products.

Apart from safety it also increases smoothness of forklift operation, and therefore reduces the time of transport-related tasks. Forklift operators or workers passing through the storehouse know if another forklift is approaching from the passageway, when they come closer to the corner (in case forklifts are equipped with Blue Spot lamps). Blue Spot lamp is easy to install because of its very low power consumption (12W). It can be connected directly to ignition switch (1A at 12V - it is good to install small relay by way of protection) or to existing forklift light. The lamp was designed in Poland and is also fully produced here. CRI dioses of top quality and durability. Whole cover casting is made of aluminum which is why the lamp's resistance to mechanical damage is much higher than in competitive products from the Far East. That is also why cooling of electronic system is better and operation 24h per day does not cause overheating.
Manufacturer's warranty: 24 months.
Delivery in 3-4 working days.
Lamps have all the certificates required in Poland.

Basic technical data:
IP 68
voltage 12-48V
power 12W Wavelength 450-465nm - flux 2300 mW
AMP power connector (as in a car)
- other power connectors or insulated cable of a particular length as an option to be agreed.